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At Michele Forry Landscape Company, Inc., we take care in providing our clients with quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

Landscape Design
We provide custom landscape design and installation, with itemized proposals for all landscape elements. We offer seasonal color installation and landscape renovations as well as landscape and lawn maintenance. We have a Licensed Irrigator on staff to provide installation and repair of irrigation systems, both spray heads and drip tubing.

Our hardscaping services include pavers, flagstone, pergolas, retaining walls, planter beds, water features and outdoor lighting. We use a variety of natural and concrete products to customize the installation, to accentuate existing materials on site.

Tree Maintenance
We provide complete pruning services using ANSI 300 Standards. Consultation and Tree Inspections/Evaluations of all tree species. Tree injections are available when needed nutrients, fertilization and pesticides are warranted to improve the health of the tree.

Fertilization and Pest Control
Fertilization and Pest Control is applied by a Licensed Applicator. We provide bi-annual turf and shrub fertilization with a balanced chemical fertilizer.

During the spring, aeration and topdressing of turf is provided to alleviate soil compaction and for organic nutrient supplements.

Soil and foliar testing is available if a specific deficiency or pest is suspected.

Landscape Lighting
We offer low voltage Landscape Lighting to highlight and enhance accent plants and architectural features.  We use LED fixtures for long term lighting of your property.